Will I need to keep coming forever?

The answer to that question is NO. The goal is to get you healthy as quickly as possible, which is why in the beginning you are seen every 1-2 weeks.  As your body adjusts and stays healthier for longer periods of time between treatments, you will need to come back less and less.  Eventually you will only be back for a tune up now and then.

How many treatments will I need?

It depends. Acupuncture is a therapy and requires several treatments to reach a therapeutic level.  Treatment numbers vary with each patient. As a rough estimate, for each major complaint it’s recommended to come between 5 and 10 times.


Should I eat before an appointment?

You should have a snack before an appointment. Nothing big, but try not to come on an empty stomach. Drinking water before an appointment is good. Try to avoid things like coffee and alcohol before your treatment as well.

What do I wear to an acupuncture appointment?

Loose clothing. Shirts that can be moved to expose your back or stomach and pants that can be rolled up past your knees. Nothing tight or constricting. We can also provide you with a gown if necessary.


What happens during the first appointment?

The initial consultation, which is the first time you come to see us, lasts about 60 minutes.  Jose assesses your health and goes over your medical history with you and why you’ve come in. A treatment plan is discussed and you receive your first treatment.


What Acupuncture is good for?

Acupuncture can help with a wide array of disorders.  Pain is usually the first one that comes to anyones mind.  It is not just limited to just muscular or skeletal pain. For stomach pain, head pain, sinus pain, all of these fall under acupuncture as well.  Acupuncture can also help with digestive disorders, fertility, stress, anxiousness, feeling down, numbness, tingling, and the list just keeps going.  The best way to know is to call and find out.  Or look at what the World Health Organization says Acupuncture is good for treating to give you a start. (www. Who. Org….)